Just an uninformed American commenting on doctor’s visits.

     Any one have any clue as to why it costs so much to go to the doctor?  You stuck a Popsicle stick down my throat and assuming I didn’t have health insurance, I would have to pay you nearly 100 dollars?  Screw you.  What are your overhead projections here?  Yes, I understand medicine can be a costly venture, which is feasible.  If I can be willing to pay 60 bucks for a great steak, I’m pretty sure I can foot the bill for generic prescriptions.  
     Maybe if you decided to worry about the patient; the reason I am sure you joined the profession in the first place, you would get a lot more out of it. Don’t empty your wallet; I don’t want your pity, just a change of the status quot.  
     Now, I get that major surgery and things of the like can be expensive.  But the price of a used super car is not what I want to spend to get a tumor removed.  If that were the case, I may as well buy the super car and die a few years or months later and enjoy my final days.  Shit, to make it even better, I might as well run that thing off a cliff at 150 miles per hour with a dip in and a fellow cancer stricken stripper sitting on my face.   
     But seriously physicians… why do you cost so much?  My issue isn’t pressing.  I have a sore throat.  I have a toe nail fungus.  My erection has lasted longer than four hours.  You greedy bastards.  Let’s say my plumbing failed.  That’s a major issue! And yet, for some reason, my plumber is a cheaper expense than is getting sick.  Maybe plumbers should work with doctors.  They both could benefit.  If a plumber sees a failing septic system, he could let it fail and then when everyone gets sick from having a cess pool in his or her back yard, the doctor could cut him a share for not fixing it! It’s brilliant! ….or illegal… either way, foresight is 20/20 at the moment.

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